Top 5 Sparkly Food Trends This Winter

To kick off the New Year we’re continuing our Taste Blog series in which our Brand Manager looks at what’s trending in the world of food.

This month, Claire tells us about which foods and restaurants have sparkled and caught her eye (and tastebuds!) during this autumn and winter season.

Fusion – Flavour
Fusion has often been a dirty word when it comes to food, as it conjures up mismatched and strange food that often tasted, frankly odd! There is a new focus for fusion where flavour rules and the fusion element comes from different cuisines across the menu, rather than always on one plate! Great examples for me were Flavour Bastards (@flavourbastards) in Soho, where Rose Harissa Humours sits alongside wasabi topped tuna on the menu; all small plates, so great to sample all the different flavours separately. I was also lucky to attend the recent Food People Trends event (@foodwatching) where The Clove Club (@thecloveclub) provided delicious flavour focused food; Haggis with barley and vinegar dust alongside Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Pine Salt.

Whilst no one could dispute the enjoyment of a pickled onion with a good ploughman’s, pickles have moved on and now come in all manner of delights. There are also health benefits to pickling and fermented products – but for me, whilst a bonus, it’s the slightly sour and wincing nature of a pickle that has appeal, especially alongside meat, burgers or even as salad toppers. At Pickled Fred (@thepickledfred) not only do they adopt it in the name, but pickled veg is at the heart of the dishes; from a simple side dish to as a delicious topper to the Beef Shin Rendang.

Brighter, fresher Indian
Fresh looking dishes, brightly colour sauces and small plates. All traditional for Indian food and a trend that is great to see at a number of places across the buzzing city of Leeds. I love the small plates, sharing concept and dishes at both the now established Bundobust (@bundobust) and Cat’s Pyjamas(@thecatspjsuk), as well as Manjit’s Kitchen (@manjitskitchenuk) in Kirkgate market. My personal favourites are the chaat-inspired dishes in both which add a whole flavoursome element to the word salad! The Paneer Taco at Cat’s Pyjamas is also delicious with it’s mint and chilli chutney. Manjit’s Kitchen have just started to serve breakfast which I’m desperate to try – Indian scrambled eggs sound like a great way to start the day. Indian food definitely doesn’t need to be consigned to the post-drinking slot.

The new Naan… the Yorkshire Pudding wrap (@theyorkshirewrap)
Leeds Kirkgate market has been transformed into a foodie delight; from fresh food stalls for meat, fish, and veg, a new street food element has been established alongside a Night Market event. Another great vendor in this venue is The Yorkshire Wrap Company. Everything you could wish for in a modern roast dinner, all wrapped up in a Yorkshire Pud! All the classics are covered including a breakfast style wrap -Nom!

Scandi: Yorkshire Style
This is one that i had the pleasure of trying at a pop-up as part of Leeds Indie Food Week last year. Norse(@eatnorse) launched a few years ago and then after successful Crowdfunding moved to new bigger premises last year. Their take on Scandi food is to create small plates using local produce with a simple style of plating. Different textures and formats for ingredients give the food a modern edge and ensures every mouthful works – an example of this from the Indie Food Week was Pickled Mackerel with a Fennel and Sorrel Sorbet. Norse have been very direct this month in coming out to say that they are struggling to get people through the door at the moment – with Jay Rayner a fan and a strong reputation in the North, please support them in January and go and pay a visit. I will definitely be there in the hope they continue in 2018.

These are just a few of the tastes I’ve been enjoying this season as part of my role at GLORIOUS! Foods – I hope you’ve been enjoying some great tastes this winter too.