Trees at the back of beautiful open park with sun filtering through

Our light SkinnyLicious soups are the perfect accompaniment to cloudless blue skies.

Our light SkinnyLicious soups are the perfect accompaniment to cloudless blue skies.

However, we are aware that with 8 delicious soups in the Skinnylicious range alone, we have possibly spoiled you for choice. So, we have come up with an ingenious plan to help you decide:

We sat out in the sunshine sampling each and every one of them – because we are willing to make sacrifices to ensure that you have a soup-tacular Summer adventure!

Here are 3 of our soup suggestions for a perfect, al fresco dining experience.

GLORIOUS! Singapore Fling Skinnylicious Soup.

GLORIOUS! Singapore Crushed Tomato Soup


This light and summery soup has a base of fresh crushed tomato and built on top are notes of coconut, lemongrass and ginger. It tastes like a tropical paradise. With some summer music on and our eyes closed, we were instantly transported to an exotic beach, with a cocktail in one hand and this delicious soup in the other.

GLORIOUS! New England in Autumn Skinnylicious Soup.


GLORIOUS! New England Butternut Squash Soup

Packed full of butternut squash, potato and warming spices; we were concerned about its ability to help us beat the heat. And we are adult enough to admit when we are wrong.

The subtle hint of cumin and nutmeg made us think of going for hikes through a sparse woodland. The sun beating down on us as we persevere towards home as the essence of single cream that runs through was the welcome shade of an overhanging branch. It all came together in a cacophony of adventure.

If Singapore Fling was like a lazy holiday on a beach, New England in Autumn is a walking holiday up hills and over meadows.

GLORIOUS! Sun-kissed in Sicily SkinnyLicious Soup.

GLORIOUS! Sicilian Tomato and Balsamic Soup


For a lazy day under the shade, there is nothing finer than the Mediterranean flavours of the pomodoro tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and roast garlic in our Sun-kissed in Sicily.

This soup tastes just like the evening at the end of a busy holiday. After you have shopped for all of your souvenirs, picked up as many local delicacies as you can carry and now you have your feet up.

The sun sets ahead of you and all you can hear is the sound of starlings and the faint sound of opera.

You could try this one, chilled and with a dollop of natural cream as a summery, light gazpacho.

But don’t take our word for it; pick your destination from our SkinnyLicious range, each with a unique taste that has been incited by the passions of traditional cooking methods of countries the world over and packed full of authentic ingredients.

Perform a summer experiment of your own and have yourself a soup-er summer!