GLORIOUS! Hygge Party

Monday January 16 has earned the label Blue Monday as it’s apparently the most depressing day of the year. But the perfect antidote is to embrace the Danish art of cosiness and hold a hygge party at home after work for your friends and family. Here are my top 10 tips for holding the perfect hygge party:

  1. Curate your guest list
    Hygge is all about spending time with your favourite people, so think carefully about your guest list. Now isn’t the time to be inviting everyone you know; it’s better to cherry pick a few of your best friends who will help you have a cosy, relaxed evening. A hygge party is an intimate affair, so is perfect for coaxing the introverts out for the evening and creating an atmosphere where everyone will feel comfortable.


  1. Casual dress code
    Danes are known for their minimalistic, relaxed sense of style. It’s not about ostentatious accessories or fashion straight off the catwalk, so feel free to crack out your cosiest jumpers, leggings and boots. Get your messy bun on the go and ditch the lipstick just for tonight – and consider something stretchy in case you want to squeeze in an extra helping.
  1. Comfort food
    The menu for a hygge party should focus on food that is warm, comforting and nourishing. You could start with a healthy fresh soup with homemade bread, followed by a maximum-impact, minimum effort stew straight from the slow cooker and a delicious Scandinavian cake to finish up. How about rødgrød med fløde, a Danish berry pudding, or risgrynsgröt, a Swedish take on rice pudding?


  1. Create the right atmosphere
    Lighting is essential for hygge, so make sure you get the mood right. Think atmospheric and cosy, not bright and headache-inducing. Light lots of candles around the room, or keep them as a pretty centrepiece on the table. You could also drape fairy lights around the room for a magical approach, or use a low-hanging lamp to emulate classic minimalist Danish design.
  1. Background music
    While the conversation should flow naturally throughout the evening, it’s a good idea to set the mood with some background music. If you want to carry the Scandinavian theme through, go for some chilled-out Nordic indie, or some classic jazz tunes. Or, if you have some time on your hands, why not invite everyone to contribute to a joint playlist beforehand with some favourite tunes from your past?


  1. Say it with flowers
    Danes love to bring the outside inside, so bring a pop of colour into your home in the form of some fresh blooms. This could be a simple shop-bought bouquet, a little collection of houseplants or even some foraged winter foliage arranged in a pretty vase. Danes love having plants at home because it helps them keep in touch with nature even in the bleakest weather, and will make your guests smile when they come in.
  1. Everything in moderation
    While hygge is about comfort and enjoying yourself, it doesn’t mean going all-out and overindulging. You want the party to stay laid back and fun, so go for a light signature cocktail to see you through the evening, and have plenty of nibbles on hand for grazing.


  1. Talking points
    It’s best to steer clear of politics or any other contentious issues at your hygge party. In fact, most Danes love to talk about hygge itself, so why not find out what your guests know about it already and what hygge means to them? Sharing memories of hyggeligt times can help you get to know one another better and contribute to the atmosphere.
  1. A cosy retreat
    To start the evening off, create a nest of soft throws and cushions for your guests to lie in but then you could suggest heading to the sofa later on. Wherever you choose to sit, make sure there’s enough room for people to spread out and relax.


  1. Be a relaxed host

Ever heard of the term ‘shabby hospitality’? It’s the idea that hosting doesn’t have to be formal or rigid, and that it’s OK for things to be a bit rough around the edges. With the right company, nobody will mind if you there are a couple of magazines lying around and you forgot to vacuum. If your timings are off or someone spills a drink, there’s no need to worry – just laugh it off and keep things relaxed to help maintain a hygge vibe.

#GloriousHygge Competition

When you hold your hygge party at home this Blue Monday (January 16), don’t forget to post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #GloriousHygge and our handle @glorious_foods – the best photo from the evening will win a gorgeous and indulgent pack of hygge goodies worth over £200, including:


  • - Luxury White Company Eldon throw
  • - Large Diptique scented candle (190g)
  • - M&S pure cashmere socks
  • - Emma Bridgewater cup and saucer
  • - Happiness planner

You’ll also get a pot of GLORIOUS! Soups’ limited edition GLORIOUS Greens soup which contains an unusual but super healthy and delicious combination of spinach, broccoli, coconut and mango. The perfect way to be healthy and hygge.


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