orange yellow and grey lentils in separate bowls on wooden surface

If you're looking for a great meat-free source of protein, look no further than our delicious soups that are packed full of lovely little lentils. If they were good enough for the Gladiators, they're perfect for you...

Searching for a vegan source of protein can feel like a daunting task. Whenever we think "protein", many of us think "meat". Here at GLORIOUS! we are not limited by such pedestrian thinking. We are only limited by our imaginations and the years of studying different cuisines from across the globe. It was this "out of the box" thought process that led us to the streets of Mumbai in search of the fabled "lentil".

Ok, it's not that fabled. But we did travel the world to find some incredible lentil dishes.

Due to religion or simply not wanting to, many people across the world choose not to eat meat. These cultures don't face any issues with a lack of protein and on our travels, we found that lentils are one of the reasons. Even the Gladiators of Ancient Rome are said to have subsisted on a vegetarian diet which relied heavily on lentils and beans.

With 18% of your daily RDA of protein in every 100g, lentils are a protein powerhouse. They're also full of dietary fibre, which is really important for gastronomical health, Iron and more.

The amount of different ways that lentils can be served is also pretty incredible. They soak up the herbs and spices in soups to give every mouthful a burst of flavour, their subtle, nutty taste makes them perfect to be served cold with salads for an extra protein punch, they can even be mashed and formed into hearty, vegan burgers. 

In our search for GLORIOUS! ways to bring lentils to your bowl, we discovered the recipes for our Goan Tomato & Lentil soup and our Mumbai Lentil & Chickpea soup. So you can have a meat-free meal which will help you build the muscle to get out there and find some recipes for yourself.