Pestle and mortar with green peppercorns shallots lime and chilli

The key tastes in Thai cooking are a careful balance of sweet, sour, salty and bitter...

In our GLORIOUS! range of soups we have two delicious soup flavours inspired by Thai cooking.

In Thai cuisine, ingredients like shallots, garlic, ginger and a variety of meats are complemented by fresh ingredients that all come together underneath a spicy heat to create an instantly recognisable national cuisine.

The sweetness is usually achieved by adding a sugar. In Thailand, they will often use coconut palm sugar.

Limes, lemons, raw mango and many other sour fruits are used in traditional dishes to provide a hint of sourness.

For a salty taste, the obvious choice would be to simply use salt. Another way is to use a sauce, such as soy sauce or Nam pla, a fish sauce that is made by fermenting anchovies in salt and water.

The bitterness comes from the use of fresh herbs such as lime leaves, lemongrass and coriander.

Originally, black pepper was the only source of spice in the dishes, but when chillies were brought over by trading ships, they became an integral part of the cuisine.

In Thai cooking, it is very rare that people measure out the amounts of each aspect of the flavour. People learn in the traditional manner, by watching other people do it and by helping them out.

We've taken these traditional ingredients and cooking methods to create two deliciously different, Thai inspired soups.


Our SkinnyLicious Fragrant Thai Carrot soup

GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious Fragrant Thai Carrot Soup

Our Sunny Thai Chicken soup

GLORIOUS! Sunny Thai Chicken Soup