Louisiana soup pot over black and white office

Previously, I’ve complained about the lack of spirituality in soups. Sure, I’ve met a cream of chicken soup with a Pentecostal past, and a minestrone that dabbled in Buddhism (or did the Buddhism dabble in it? [no], but the soup world is largely a secular society.

So my interest was instantly piqued when I spotted this so-called “soulful” soup. Yes, Louisiana voodoo isn’t perhaps up there with the big hitters like Christianity, Islam and The Beatles but I could tell this soup had more to say about the vast mists of the soul, so I was eager to try it out.

As the soup warmed in the mysterious fireless warming box, I wondered how the soup would reveal The Answers.  In a burst of sensory overload in the bite of a sausage? A cryptic message in a pool of spilt soup? Mystical overwhelming indigestion? As I removed the bowl from the ungodly heat cube, the steam rising off the swampy soup’s surface revealed the face of a voodoo queen. I screamed a short, sharp, but quite-manly-under-the-circumstances scream. My colleague was in the kitchen too so I pretended I’d burnt my fingers. She offered to pick it up for me as she had ‘asbestos hands’. I wondered where she had acquired these ‘asbestos hands’ and if she too was in touch with something from the great beyond. I looked for cues in her face for a sign that she was also searching to know the unknowable but found only the jaded look of an over-worked NHS employee.

I sat down to my soup, showing it the reverence it deserved. I took my first taste. It struck me square in the soul like Louis Armstrong hitting a high C. My mouth was filled with memories of events yet to happen. I was swept up by the fiery paprika and sent on a whirlwind journey. The voodoo queen rose again, this time taking the form of yellow pepper, and told me everything I needed to know. As quickly as it had started, it was over. I knew I had found a new God: Soup. It was soup! It was soup all along!

“All hail King Soup!” I wailed, flailing at a newly installed multi-function printer/scanner.

“Get back to work” said Barbara, so I did.

by Chris The Office Adventurer