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Just in time for the Olympics, Brazilian blogger Lilinha Angel tastes our Brazilian Super Grain Super Soup, reminding her of her tropical, sunny and colourful hometown. Read all about her Brazilian adventures here...

I love living in London, that’s where I chose to live with my family, however I miss my tropical, sunny and colourful Brazil!

The world has just watched the Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony and, it’s times like these, that I really miss being in Brazil, celebrating with family and friends.

Although I cannot be there, I am glad I can still savour some Brazilian flavours from the comfort of my own home in London.

Yesterday I told you about GLORIOUS! new Super Soup range, which are healthy and nutritious, including a Brazilian Super Grain soup.

In case you are not aware, Brazilians are big fans of coconut. We usually have a coconut tree in our garden and we add it to nearly everything: sweet and savoury dishes.

Coconut and lime are a brilliant flavour combination, adding a touch of sunshine to dishes. The creamy coconut complements the zesty lime beautifully, which are the base for the GLORIOUS! Brazilian Super Grain soup, capturing the tropical Brazilian flavours.

Brazilian Super Grain is a zingy Brazilian spiced fresh soup brimming with mixed grains and vegetables, coconut milk and a squeeze of lime. I love how vibrant it looks, reminding me of colourful Brazil.

When I was growing up in Brazil, I would have rice and beans daily. It was comforting to see black turtle beans and brown rice in the soup, together with carrot, red pepper and a pinch of hot yellow chilli. It is gluten free, vegan, low in fat, high in fibre and protein, vegan, containing only 163 calories per portion.

You can read Lilinha's review of our full range of Super Soups here.