Bowl of GLORIOUS Fragrant Thai Carrot soup

Looking out of the window, it’s hard to believe that, not long ago, we were celebrating summer. We had such plans! That season came and went, autumn passed and winter has truely settled in. You need something to lift your spirits. Something that will fight back against the January blues. Soup is the perfect winter warmer so you need a bowl of GLORIOUS!

There is something about a delicious bowl of fresh soup that not only physically heats you up, but also makes you feel an inner warmth which can’t be explained. And that fire in your body and soul will really come in useful in this cold and wintery month. 

As you look out of the window during work, it’s easy to become lost and forlorn. It just looks so cold out there. Even the days that look so sunny and clear are nothing but an imposter! You know when you glance out of your window and it seems like it’s going to be a beautiful day? The sun is shining in a beautiful blue sky and you decide that you won’t need such a thick jacket. On your way out the door, you grab a light cardigan and close your door as you prepare to head to work. Then it hits you! It’s freezing! The weather lied to you!

If you want to kick yourself out of this winter slump, it’s time to bring out the big guns, your favourite Winter Warmers.

One of the best ways to arm yourself against winter is often the most overlooked. A nice, thick pair of socks. Just imagine them, the kind that are so chunky you can barely get your shoes on. Keeping your feet warm is very important so do it well.

Likewise, you need a good hat. Now is not the time for vanity, it’s time for function. Something that covers your ears is absolutely necessary. It doesn’t matter if it has a massive pom-pom on the top or it makes you look like a Russian lumberjack. Keep your noggin warm!

Third Winter Warmer is a good coat. I have a large parka which is basically like a duvet with sleeves. It’s incredible. No, you can’t have it. But you can layer up. Go full-on marshmallow.

Finally, you need something for lunch that warms you all the way through. You can’t expect to tolerate the falling temperature with a cold sandwich and with it being so dark in the mornings, it’s hard enough getting dressed, never mind getting up early to craft a lunch. You need something easy, convenient, delicious, packed full of fresh vegetables to fill you up and authentic herbs and spices to spread warmth from your lips to your fingertips and throughout your entire body. You need a bowl of GLORIOUS! soup.

GLORIOUS! soups are all inspired from adventures around the world. We have travelled to some exotic locations, explored the amazing food to be found there, filled our pots and brought them back for you to enjoy. It’s escapism in a bowl. With flavours inspired by recipes from Sicily to Singapore and beyond, you can leave this cold winter behind, even if it’s just for an hour.

Whether you're looking for the kind of hearty soup that makes you want to hibernate or something lighter that adds a little pep to your step, heat up your bowl of fresh soup, wrap up warm and enjoy.