GLORIOUS! Mexican Tomato and Fire Roasted Pepper soup pot under Christmas tree with mugs of GLORIOUS soup

It’s nearly Christmas, which means that the time is upon us all to tuck into the most anticipated meal of the entire year...Christmas dinner! So much more than a plate of food, Christmas dinner is a culinary masterpiece - no matter how dry the turkey is.

When you’re sat down at the dinner table in your Christmas jumper, that you had to wear so you wouldn’t offend Aunt Ethel, with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a cracker in the other, it makes the entire holiday season complete.

Eating the same meal once a year can be a tradition for most families. Why not break tradition this year and make your Christmas dinner a little more GLORIOUS! by eating soup as a starter?

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why it’s a brilliant idea:

  1. Soup can set the tone and flavour for the rest of the meal. For example, our New England Butternut Squash soup, with root vegetables and warming cumin can prepare your palate for the roasties and mashed potatoes that awaits it.

  2. Serving soup can take a little of the strain off in the kitchen. Our fresh soup pots can be ready in around 5 minutes. So you can keep the sneaky food pinchers in check with a delicious little starter that doesn’t take much effort.

  3. Eating soup before you have your full meal prepares your stomach for the delicious meal ahead. You probably skipped breakfast (and maybe even last night’s evening meal too, just in case). What you don’t realise is that, with nothing in it, your stomach has shrunk. Eating a light soup such as our Goan Tomato & Lentil will let your brain know that you are about to start gorging without taking up too much space in your stomach.

  4. Most of us are guilty of overeating when it comes to Christmas dinner. When you eat soup as a starter, you are much less likely to eat so much that you feel uncomfortable but you will still feel incredibly satisfied. You know what this means, don’t you? MORE LEFTOVERS! Because you ate soup at the start of your meal, you won’t eat quite so much, this time around, so your Christmas dinner may well last into the New Year.

If you’re still not convinced, why not pick up one of our globally inspired soups, give it a try this year and let us know how you got on? We would love for you to tell us how right we are.

Merry Christmas, G!