Range of autumnal soups

On our travels, we’ve discovered an array of exciting and adventurous flavours that we’ve ladled into our deliciously healthy GLORIOUS! Skinnylicious soups.

Have a look at some of our latest SkinnyLicious soup flavours, now with brand new on pack designs inspired by our own adventures.

Light and scrumptious, all of our SkinnyLicious flavours are less than 2% fat and under 150 calories per portion. But don’t worry, there is absolutely no compromise on taste!

Enjoy our fresh and tasty, fulfilling and guilt-free soups – the perfect winter warmers! Just let your taste-buds decide where you’d like to travel to. Climb aboard the Goa Express, have a Singapore Fling or take a stroll through New England in Autumn – whatever flavour you pick, let the adventure begin!

SkinnyLicious Soups from GLORIOUS! – available in all major supermarkets, now with brand new on-pack illustrations:

San Antonio Fiesta (Limited Edition)

A brand spanking new Limited Edition. A hearty, meat free chilli soup with a four bean mix and basmati rice. Packed full of tomatoes with a deep south punch and a pinch of peering at colourful floats parading along the river.



Goan Tomato & Lentil

A warming thick soup, crammed with tomato, lentils, low fat yoghurt a touch of Goan spice and a dash of train journeys past pink blossom fields. All aboard the SkinnyLicious train!



New England Butternut Squash

A light and smooth butternut squash soup with a hint of warming cumin and strolling under a colourful tree canopy. Enjoy this light Autumnal taste all year round – less than 1% fat.


Persian Hug

Roast tomato soup with Eastern spices, a pinch of saffron, mint and discovering peaceful gardens amongst bustling bazaars. Enjoy this deliciously tangy, low in fat eastern delight (only 114 calories per portion!)


Singapore Crushed Tomato

Crushed tomato and coconut soup with basmati rice, lemongrass and a stirring of sipping cocktails on the promenade under a dazzling laser light show. Go on, have a souper healthy Singapore Fling – available exclusively in Waitrose.




Fragrant Thai Carrot

A beautifully light and fragrant carrot soup, infused with coconut, lime leaves and lemongrass. This exotic Thai blend with only 1.7% fat will be sure to tantalise your taste buds and whisk you away to noisy markets and the sounds of crazy Tuk Tuks.



More Bangalore

A rich Toor Daal lentil and chickpea soup with garam masala, curry leaves and mango chutney. This Indian wonder takes us back to an afternoon of paint fights in the streets of Bangalore – available exclusively in TESCO.


Sicilian Tomato & Balsamic

A low fat, rustic and zingy tomato and balsamic soup with roast garlic, fennel and splash of watching the surf crash on black volcanic beaches. This healthy treat will leave you day dreaming of beautiful Sicilian sunsets.



We would love to get your feedback on this low fat range, so let us know which of these delicious, healthy SkinnyLicious soup flavours are your favourite!