We recently took our GLORIOUS! soups on a mini adventure to the Food Bloggers’ Market event in London, where we met a lot of lovely foodie bloggers.

All of the food bloggers that we met at the event shared our spirit of adventure and love for delicious food. We were delighted to be able to share a selection of our fresh soups with them.

One of the things we love here at GLORIOUS! is that the word “adventure” means different things to different people. For some, it’s getting on a plane to a place you’ve never been before. Some people like to throw on some safety gear and tackle the nearest mountain. There are some for whom the word “adventure” is as simple as taking a long walk in their hometown. “Adventure” is an all encompassing word with such a range of meanings and connotations.

While we were at the Bloggers Market, we asked our brilliant new friends to share their thoughts on our soups and their spirit of adventure with the world on their blogs in a blogger challenge for the chance to win a GLORIOUS! prize! We then had the arduous task of deciding which blog really displayed a true sense of adventure.

Tom in front of large pots of GLORIOUS! soup at Bloggers Convention

We couldn’t be happier with the treasure trove of reading that they brought back for us!

Here are some of them:

Frankie over at The Mayfairy decided to take our Tuscan soup out for a spin through London and she brought back some very entertaining pics.



Roxan Colex stepped out of her comfort zone when she sampled two of our SkinnyLicious soups and she has some delightful things to say about them on her blog.



Louise has taken her love and knowledge of American history to write a pair of brilliant blogs about Louisiana and New England. We loved the idea of having a duvet day with a bowl of New England soup and a plan of where our adventures will take us next.



Olivia (and Mum) not only had lovely things to say about our New England soup, they also gave us a scrumptious serving suggestion over at her blog Beauty, Bags and Baking.



Karen Harvey may not like peas, but she certainly knows how to use a “blogtography” workshop to turn our soups into a work of art.



Blogger Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen decided to forgo tradition and serve soup at her BBQ, with delicious consequences.



Stephanie at Magpie in the Sky not only got a chance to make the most of some rainy weather with her bowl of soup, she also made some incredible cheesy scones to go along with it.



Agata over at Bark Time decided to throw caution to the wind and try some of our ready-made soups, with startling success. And her photo of our San Antonio soup is mouthwatering!



Tracy @ Tracy Kiss chose our Thai Tuk-Tuks soup when she was pleasantly surprised to find that it had her initial on it and was not disappointed when she gave it a spin.



Henrietta @ hellohenrietta decided to use one of our globally inspired soups as the base in, what looks like, quite a dish!



Michelle over @ The Purple Pumpkin Blog may not have had the chance to sample the flavours of soup that she originally wanted, but she certainly wasn’t disappointed by the selection that was available.



Kate @ VeggieDesserts may have already heard of us, but it’s always nice to treat a fan. Especially when the weather isn’t as warm as you were expecting.



Lily Doughball has fully embraced the autumnal spirit with her energetic review of our soups. We’re also looking forward to lighting the fire and toasting our toes Lily.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 14.03.31


Josh Milton gave us the privilege of being top of his list of  “Food Brands To Try” and we’re extremely honoured.

New England in Autumn SkinnyLicious Vegetarian Soup by GLORIOUS


Jo @ Jo’s Kitchen took some time out of her kitchen to find a favourite from our range, our San Antonio Fiesta.

GLORIOUS! Chilli Sin Carne Vegetarian Soup






The Winner

We are excited to announce that our winner is Louise @ My Little Tale !
We felt that she really captured the spirit of adventure! Her New England and Louisiana blog posts really transported us those places, especially when she told us her musical suggestions to enjoy with our bowl.

We want to say a huge “thank you” to all of the bloggers who took the time to say these lovely things about our soups, and we’re glad we had the chance to send you on your own mini adventure.

RUNNERS UP: Karen Harvey – I Don’t Like PeasRoxan ColexFrankie – The May Fairy

If you are a food or travel blogger interested in working with us and joining our GLORIOUS! Adventures then please contact [email protected]