Coconut cracked open on wooden board

Coconuts are a very versatile food. They are also full of astounding facts, here's just 5 of them...

Coconuts are a very versatile food. Coconut water is delicious and has a host of health benefits, the flesh is packed full of healthy fats that are essential to growth, the husk can be used to make charcoal and the hair on it is used in ropes, mats more.

In fact, here are 5 more astounding facts about coconuts:

1: Every year, 10 times more people are killed by falling coconuts than are killed by sharks

2: The name “coconut” doesn’t have anything to do with chocolate, as some people believe. It is actually from Portuguese folklore. A côco is a ghost with a pumpkin head, and when they first saw the 3 darks holes on the fruit they thought it looked like a ghost

3: Coconut water can be used as an emergency IV for someone who is dehydrated and is a viable substitute for human blood plasma

4: Coconut trees can grow up to 30m high. Because of this, some places where they are grown have trained monkeys to harvest them as they are much better climbers

5:  No one knows where coconuts originated. Most, if not all, plants can be traced back to a single area. Coconuts are a mystery

While they may be extremely useful, we only need coconuts for their delicious flavour to go into our Singapore Crushed Tomato, Fragrant Thai Carrot and Sunny Thai Chicken soups