A spectacular Bonfire Night party is made up of different ingredients that all come together to create something quite wonderful, just like a warm bowl of GLORIOUS! soup.

The first and most obvious ingredient for your party is the Bonfire itself. Just like the Butternut Squash in our New England inspired soup, it is the core of the celebration; the centre point that revellers (or, in our case, added ingredients) gather round in order to enjoy the rest of the festivities. In the same way that roaring flames casts a comforting heat which invites everyone in, the sweetness of our squash extends throughout every spoonful and carries with it a hearty and delicious warmth.

Next you need the fireworks, and everyone knows that a good firework display is made up of more than just rockets that shoot into the air and explode. There are Roman Candles shooting multicoloured globes into the air, a Catherine Wheel will spin hypnotically on the centre stage as a multitude of colourful explosions illuminate the night sky. Some will simply fly up and explode, a moment of surprise that dissipates into a feeling of suspense as you wait for another.

Our SkinnyLicious Singapore Crushed Tomato soup is inspired by one of the cities in the world that is most renowned for its firework displays. And this shines through as a delicious tomato soup is punctuated by bursts of lemongrass, an explosion of ginger and the soothing flavour of coconut.

We all know that as we make our way through the first week of November, it can be a little bit too cold. Gloves, hats and scarves do help against the brisk autumn air, but sometimes you need something hearty to enjoy the party. You need something warm to hold in your hands, you need to grab one of our Meal Soups. Every one of these hearty soups helps to battle the elements as it warms you from the inside out.

The final, and some say most important ingredient, to a good party is the company. Friends, families, loved ones and welcome strangers all gather together to cut through the brisk autumn air and share the fun together.

Every pot of soup has two portions in it, so why not grab one for you and a friend this Bonfire Night and have yourselves a GLORIOUS! evening.