Bar on the corner of Bourbon Street in New Orleons at night

Louisiana's past is as colourful and varied as their food....

Since Hernando de Soto claimed it for Spain in 1542 there have been 9 other flags flying for the State including the French and the British.

 This mixture of cultures brought along cooking techniques and ingredients that were adopted by the local people and with this amalgamation brought varying styles of cooking that have lead to Louisiana becoming one of the gastronomical capitals of the world.

There have been a number of different influences who have left their mark on the state; this has created 3 divergent cultures:

  • Creole: The Creole culture borrows elements from French, Spanish, African, and Native American Culture. These were the more affluent members of society and their food reflected this, with rich sauces and sumptuous dishes. Their cuisine is a Louisiana approximation of French Haute Cuisine
  • Islenos: Descendants of Spanish Canary Islanders who migrated from the Canary Islands of Spain to Louisiana. Their food has a heavy Spanish influence such as their paella
  • Cajun: The ancestors of Cajuns, the Acadians, came from west central France, they moved to Canada and were displaced by the British. Cajun cuisine originates in the Deep Southern areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. Like the area it originated from, Cajun flavor is spicy, rich, and deeply appealing. It is a melting pot of flavours and ideas that was born from the poorer people of the areas need to feed their families. This is reflected in the community spirit of many of their dishes