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As a Registered Dietitian, I am constantly on the look-out for healthy food options to recommend and the GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious healthy soups are something that I personally buy, eat and enjoy.

When looking at products I take into account the quality of the ingredients, the nutritional content (including protein and fibre content) and calories. I also look at how convenient the product is – is it easy to cook, transport and fit into a healthy balanced lifestyle… and for me, GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious soups have hit the nail on the head!

Quality of the Ingredients

The GLORIOUS! fresh, chilled soups use authentic ingredients that are inspired by flavours from around the world. The soups are based around nutrient dense vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and onions and are blended with protein packed lentils and yoghurt, as well as fibre rich ingredients such as bulgar wheat and coconut. Delicious flavours are created thanks to the addition of herbs and spices such as chilli, garlic, lemongrass and turmeric – each used in the ideal quantity to maximise the taste sensation!

Nutritional Content

Each of the SkinnyLicious soups contain less than 2% fat and provide fewer than 150 calories per serving – making them an ideal filling snack (thanks to the fibre) or a light meal or even starter. On top of all this, most of the soups also count towards one of the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables that we should be eating a day to keep us healthy. Vegetables provide essential vitamins such as vitamin C and antioxidants to prevent illness.


The GLORIOUS! soups come in handy 600g tubs which means you get two servings per pot – ideal for two meals either on the same or on consecutive days. They are easy to transport (I carry mine to work in a mini cool bag!) and heat well in the microwave. You can heat the soups in a separate bowl or in the tubs that they come in. All of the GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious soups are suitable for vegetarians, and there are even options within the range that are suitable for vegans and those who are intolerant or allergic to gluten.

Overall I’m really impressed with GLORIOUS!  and love their fresh soups – they are tasty, convenient and nutrient packed, making them an ideal option for someone who is trying to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Registered Dietitian, Nic's Nutrition reviews GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious Soups

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