Vavista awards above desk with pots of Glorious! soup

We always knew that our SkinnyLicious soups were healthy, but now our GLORIOUS! New England Butternut Squash and Singapore Crushed Tomato have the awards to prove it – thanks to health, diet and weight-loss experts Vavista.

Two of our delicious SkinnyLicious soups have recently won one of Vavista Award’s highest accolades, three stars for “Health and Nutrition in the soup category”.

The Vavista Awards were started in 2014 by Dr Sally Norton with the aim to look carefully, in an unbiased and scientific way, at brands that market themselves as “healthy”. In an increasingly health conscious society, brands often make unsubstantiated claims of the nutritional credentials of their products. The purpose of these awards is to ensure that the products which make these claims are carefully scrutinised to make sure that they do, in fact, contribute to the wellbeing of customers.

Dr Norton is a leading expert in the field of weight-loss. As the first female weight-loss surgeon in the UK, she has helped over 1000 people to get back to being a healthy weight. However, first and foremost, Dr Norton’s passion is to ensure that people don’t need weight-loss surgery in the first place.

Through her practice, she noticed that a lot of people were turning to fad diets in an effort to stay healthy. But without proper knowledge and all of the marketing jargon that brands used on products, it was a losing battle. This is why she started the Vavista awards. We were keen to show just how healthy our SkinnyLicious range really is, so as soon as we found out about these awards, we wanted her to test them.

These are the judges’ comments on the health qualities of our New England Butternut Squash and Singapore Crushed Tomato soup flavours and why they deserved to win the awards:

"GLORIOUS! are very tasty soups made from fresh ingredients with moderate salt content and low fat and calories. Even contains enough veg to be one of your 5-a-day. Clearly labelled with nutritional guidance and appropriate portion size and makes no unsubstantiated health claims on its packaging."

Ever since we began making soups at GLORIOUS! we have strived to make them as tasty as possible whilst using fresh ingredients to ensure that they are still healthy.

We have taken herbs and spices from around the world that are often used for medicinal reasons (and because they’re delicious), added them to fresh, authentic recipes and we refused to put in any flavour enhancers or artificial colours.

Over the years, we have won numerous taste and innovation awards that reaffirm the fact that our soups are delicious. However, with the fact that we have won Vavista’s highest accolades, these 3-star awards have proved that our SkinnyLicious soups are the healthiest too!

Thank you Vavista and Dr Norton (but secretly, we already knew they were the best!).