Holly Smith with free soups and record breaking shop

When Holly Smith, aka Coupon Mum, asked GLORIOUS! soups to lend her a hand in breaking the record for the biggest free shop (all of which was going to charity) we were more than happy to help her out.

We originally considered sending over a load of fresh soup pots, but trying to organise a delivery of that size would have been a complete nightmare! So we decided to raid our voucher cupboard instead. Obviously, our GLORIOUS! soup vouchers are normally reserved for our lucky competition winners, but we thought we would break with tradition in the name of charity.

Using our vouchers and other donations, Holly’s total shopping trip came to £1,164 and thanks to GLORIOUS! and other helpful companies, she had to pay the grand sum of £0. That’s right, she was able to pay for the entire of this massive shopping trip (which included our 63 pots of soup) using just vouchers., Holly then proceeded to donate the entire shop to the Benjamin Trust, a homeless charity in Norfolk.

Holly's incredible story has been picked up by national newspapers such as The Mirror and The Telegraph as well as being featured by the BBC.

Holly said, “I’m very excited to have supported such a worthwhile cause because at Christmas time financial problems can seem even worse.”

And we are excited to have been a part of the entire event. Thank you, Holly Smith, not only for your determination and incredible saving skills but for the good work you do and for giving us the opportunity to be right there with you, doing our bit over the Christmas season. And thank you to everyone else out there who does something to make another person’s Christmas just that little bit more GLORIOUS!

You can check out the video here