GLORIOUS! Super Blogger Amuse Your Bouche

In Part Two of her vegetarian #GloriousAdventures in America, GLORIOUS! Souper Blogger, Amuse Your Bouche, travels from Chicago to New York searching for the best vegetarian pizza and more...

Chicago and New York

No prizes for guessing what the number 1 item on my Chicago to do list was - pizza! Chicago is famed for its deep dish pizzas, where the cheese (allllll that cheese!) appears underneath the sauce. I’m a complete cheese fiend, and I absolutely loved the deep dish cheese pizza I had at Giordano’s - though as you can imagine, there was a lot left over! One of these pizzas could easily feed two or three people.

If you’re heading to New York, make sure you try some pizza there too. The difference between New York pizza and Chicago pizza is huge - they might as well be a completely different dish! There are any number of places in NYC that sell pizza by the slice, and there are usually several amazing veggie options. Just make your choice and they’ll heat it up in front of you.

Amuse Your Bouche vegetarian pizza

Looking for a great place for an all day breakfast..?

I’d recommend the Tick Tock Diner, which is open 24/7. There are some great vegetarian options on the menu, but I decided to be awkward and order the breakfast burrito without the ham - served with homemade hash browns!

As you can see, I certainly didn’t starve in the US, despite my initial reservations! If you look hard enough, there’s so much amazing vegetarian food on offer. Sure, you may never get to try a shrimp po’boy or the traditional Creole red beans and rice made with pork - but the vegetarian versions are just as delicious!