map of the world made up of spices on cloth resting on wooden background

Join us here at GLORIOUS! for National Curry Week as we travel across the globe to find out just how varied the definition of a “curry” can be and how it has inspired some of our fresh soups.

The celebration of National Curry Week goes to show how much we, as a country, love this dish. Whether it’s the traditional Indian takeaway or a Thai green curry, the UK has adopted the ancient practice of spicing meats, vegetables and rice without hesitation. Here at GLORIOUS! we have explored Asia to see how different countries created their own interpretation of a curry. We then used this knowledge to inspire some of our delicious soup flavours from Thailand, Singapore and different regions of India.

Curry dishes originated in the area of the world known as the Indian Subcontinent. Before refrigerators were invented it was extremely difficult to keep ingredients from spoiling, especially when that part of the world could reach epically high temperatures. Years ago the local people would rely on experience, tradition and word of mouth to stay healthy.

People eventually found that when they ground the locally grown spices and added them to meat, fish or vegetable dishes, they were not only able to keep for longer, they tasted delicious. These traditions would become recipes which were passed down from generation to generation and as people travelled throughout the Indian Subcontinent. In places like Thailand and Singapore, they would add the ingredients they found there to create a brand new flavour.

Thankfully, we have fridges nowadays, but that doesn’t stop the authentic ingredients from that region of the world from being delicious. This is why we’ve included them in our globally inspired soups, so take our tour of curry inspired soups and you can taste a different take on the dish each day of National Curry Week.

Mumbai Chickpea Lentil Soup over city skylineGoan Tomato Lentil Soup over beach at sunset

Fragrant Thai Carrot Soup over city at sunriseSunny Thai Chicken Soup over long tailed boat resting on exotic shoreSingapore Crushed Tomato over Singapore bay skyline