On our search for the many different varieties of curry in Asia, we travelled to the bustling city of Bangkok through to the relaxing beach of Phuket in Thailand. From there we ventured to the city of Singapore all in search of inspiration...

In the Southern areas of Asia, the spiced dish known as "curry" has travelled from its original homeland in the travel bags of explorers to this region. Here it has been given the local flair using the herbs and spices which grow all around the area. 

We found a few of these recipes on our adventures and, as we often do, we’ve thrown in some of our GLORIOUS! twist and brought them home. We wanted to give you the chance to sample some of our fresh soup recipes which were inspired by curry dishes from Thailand and Singapore.

While there are a few similarities, the spices of Thailand are different from those in places such as India due to factors such as humidity, vegetation and temperature and Thai curries come in a number of different varieties. Gaeng phet ("gaeng" means liquid and "phet" means hot, as in fire) which is the wet style with a curry paste made of fresh herbs, spices and fresh or dried chillies. The colour of the paste depends on the chilli used and this is what is used to create the world famous red, yellow and green Thai curries; Khua Kling is a dry type of curry where the ingredients are fried in coconut as opposed to being boiled.

We decided that with the different types of Thai curry available, it meant that we couldn't simply make one Thai soup. Although we couldn't make a "dry" soup, we have definitely captured the flavours of this country.

In our GLORIOUS! Fragrant Thai Carrot, we’ve taken a grating of ginger, a few stalks of lemongrass, a sprinkle of excitement and a dash of adventure, stirred them into a delicate carrot soup to create an authentic taste of racing tuk-tuks through the streets of this thriving city.

GLORIOUS! Fragrant Thai Carrot fresh soup

South of Bangkok we travelled on to the tropical paradise of Phuket. Just as the difference between the bustle of Bangkok and the beaches of Phuket has to be seen to be believed; the difference between our Fragrant Thai Carrot soup and our Sunny Thai Chicken is an astounding taste comparison.

In our second Thai curry inspired bowl of GLORIOUS!, a sweet potato soup is completed with aromatic chicken, a relaxed stir of coconut and a nonchalant sprinkling of carefully balanced Thai spices (such as lime leaves, coriander and more). The effect of these ingredients blended together in a pot of Sunny Thai Chicken soup will transport you to the edge of the sand as the surf delicately laps at your toes.

GLORIOUS! Sunny Thai Chicken fresh soup

The final stop on our curry tour of South Asia takes us to the island-city of Singapore. Known for extravagance and opulence, we wanted to finish off this part of our expedition in style, so we have taken inspiration from local dishes, such as the ominously known as "Devil's Curry" and the world renowned noodle dish "laksa", and made a GLORIOUS! Singapore Crushed Tomato soup.

We began by using a classic tomato soup, then we've added the decadence of the Lion City. The flavours of galangal, fennel and chilli are stirred through with hints of coconut, like a handcrafted cocktail you would find on a rooftop bar in this city of excitement. The addition of basmati rice gives this soup a little extra; like an explosion of fireworks in the night sky, this is just what we needed to conclude this leg of our journey.

GLORIOUS! Singapore Crushed Tomato fresh soup
Whether you joined us on each step of this part of our delicious tour or if you chose to rest your feet at one of our various destinations for an extended stay, we hope you have a deliciously GLORIOUS! National Curry Week.

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