The Big Feastival

Welcome to the GLORIOUS! 4-Week Challenge! Our recent survey of 2,000 people showed that 46% of people have a lifestyle goal this winter. We want to help you achieve your goals by encouraging you to reclaim your lunch hour and keep your mind & body feeling GLORIOUS!

Winter is a wonderful time to be alive. Wrapping up in your favourite coat to go out walking. The intricacies of frost patterns on leaves. Bold flavours from piping hot, aromatic dishes gently warm up your soul.

However, the weather can also mean we don’t always fulfil the potential that our lunch break has to offer…we can find ourselves cooped up indoors and indulging in unhealthy comfort foods.


Our challenge is simple - embrace your lunch hour and do something different. Enjoy a lighter lunch that is packed full of bold and exciting flavours, take steps to incorporate exercise into your lunchtime, learn a new skill or even simply take the time to wind down and enjoy a spot of mindfulness to take control of your lunch break!


We will support you through the month by posting weekly tips, advice and support here on our blog and we'd love to hear how you are getting on through our social media pages.

So join us this November to and take back control of your lunch hour. Take the GLORIOUS! 4-Week Challenge and do something different and see how you feel in four weeks. The possibilities are endless...


From meditation and mindfulness to new experiences, we want to see you embracing the GLORIOUS! 4-Week Challenge. Share pictures of you how you are reclaiming you lunch hour on our social media. We will select our favourites each week to win our full range of GLORIOUS! Soups