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It seems that our British weather has come and gone, which is a shame, but at least we enjoyed the sunny days at the time.

Although it has been raining and cold lately, it doesn’t bother me much as I have been keeping warm with a bowl of hot soup.

I have previously talked about GLORIOUS! and their delicious fresh soups inspired by flavours from adventures around the world:  Fragrant Thai carrot soup, Sunny Thai Chicken Soup, West African SoupVietnamese Supergreen and New England Butternut Squash.


I was pleased to hear that GLORIOUS! has launched the new Super Soup range, featuring four flavours which are vegetarian, gluten free and packed with nutritional goodness. Not only are the soups full of flavour, they are also healthy, containing 2 of your 5 a day per portion.

It means that, if you are like me and usually have the whole pot in one go, you will be having 4 of your 5 a day, making it very easy to reach the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables. I simply need to add a chopped apple or a banana to my breakfast to have my 5 a day!

Here are the new flavours in the Super Soup range:

Vietnamese: ginger, lemongrass and lime

Vietnamese Super Green, a light and fragrant soup packed with spinach, petit pois, broccoli and quinoa with aromatic ginger, lime and lemongrass.

This vegan soup has only 117 calories per portion. It is low fat, high fibre, high protein, gluten free. It is similar to the SkinnyLicious Vietnamese Supergreen, however it has more vegetables, making it even more delicious and healthier!


Indian: lentils and Indian spices

Indian Super Spinach and Chickpea is a warming soup packed with spinach, potato, chickpea and lentils with a blend of Indian spices. It tastes just like a bowl of curry, however it is much healthier with only 232 cals per portion.

It is vegan, high fibre, a source of protein and gluten free. Little man tried the Indian Super Spinach and Chickpea and loved the flavours!


Mexican: paprika, chilli and beans

Mexican Super Bean and Sweet Potato is a smoky sweet potato soup loaded with healthy beans, spiced with paprika and a pinch of ancho chilli.

It is vegetarian, gluten free, low in fat, source of fibre and protein, containing 137 calories per portion. Hubby likes Mexican flavours, so he really enjoyed trying this soup.


Brazilian: coconut and lime

Brazilian Super Grain is a zingy Brazilian spiced soup brimming with mixed grains and vegetables, coconut milk and a squeeze of lime. It is high in fibre and high in protein, vegan, gluten free and low fat, containing only 163 calories per portion.


Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the tasty GLORIOUS! Super Soup range. The soups are flavoursome, healthy and nutritious. We love the fact you can see and taste the chunks of vegetables and grains and that the soups are seasoned to perfection with spices and herbs.

If I had to pick my favourite soup, it would have to be the Brazilian Super Grain. It is full of flavour and reminds me of my home country!