different available kinds of ginger including powdered and fresh

With its sharp flavour and hint of warmth, ginger is instantly recognisable. We love it so much that we have used it in a few of our soups.

These days, almost everyone on Earth can recognise ginger. Its familiar intriguing sweet, spicy and pungent flavour can be found in everything from biscuits to some of our soups. However, people have only recently been using ginger as a flavouring in their cooking. It has had a number of uses before that.

Ginger was originally used as a way to preserve food. Some people believe that the practice of wrapping ginger around bread to keep it from going stale is how we came to have the delicious treat of gingerbread. It is also recommended by civilisations around the world as a cure for a number of ailments.

We didn't choose ginger for either of these reasons; we just think it's delicious and it brings a wonderful feeling of warmth to our Singapore Crushed Tomato, Goan Tomato & Lentil and our Bangalore Lentil Daal soups, to name a few. So why not grab a pot today and see how right we are.