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Despite its name, GLORIOUS! Foods is not behind ITV’s new reality TV game show

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Food Glorious Food is ITV’s new reality TV game show programme which is being produced by X Factor supremo Simon Cowell.

Despite its name, GLORIOUS! Foods is not behind it, but when we heard about the show, and its similar sounding name, we did wonder if Mr Cowell was a fan of our soups, sauces and dips!

Pretty much everything that Simon Cowell touches turns to TV gold, so we thought we’d take a look at what’s in store for TV viewers when Food Glorious Food launches on ITV primetime early next year.

Q. So what is Food Glorious Food all about?
A. It’s a new culinary-inspired TV game show that hopes to find Britain’s best-loved home-cooked food.  According to the official blurb  “The country will take part in a nationwide search to discover a recipe that’s delicious enough to win an exceptional prize. A dish that’s not just good, not just great, but glorious.”

Q. Tell me more, who is behind Food Glorious Food?
A. Simon Cowell.  The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent boss is hoping to turn his talent-finding Midas touch to the food industry.  The show is being produced by his production company, Syco Entertainment, alongside another TV company, Optomen, which has made Two Fat Ladies, The Naked Chef, Great British Menu and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Q. So will we see Simon Cowell in an apron and chef’s hat holding a big chopper?
A. Unlikely.  We understand he’ll be playing more of a behind-the-scenes role.

Q. If Simon’s not front of house, then he must be ringleading the marketing and PR hype?  We’re thinking glitzy logo and amazing website?
A.  You’d think so.  In fact at the time of writing (20 August 2012), it all looks a bit low key.  The show is being branded “Food.glorious.Food” – ie a one-word logo, separated by two full-stops and italics on the word ‘Glorious’.  That’s the logo at the top of this page; it’s  taken from the show’s official website, which also lacks the slick design and production we’re used to from the Cowell stable, see screengrab, below.

Q. Ok, maybe they’ll crank up they marketing machine later; what’s the current show format?
A. The competition is open to everyone…but you’ll first have to pass the application test.  Those lucky enough to be selected will cook their favourite dishes and a judging team of expert foodies will travel the country tasting delectable delights from the four corners of the UK.  The winning dish will secure the winner a £20,000 cash prize and their recipe will be recreated and sold commercially on the shelves of a high street retailer.

Q. So who will be the “expert foodies” on the panel of judges?
A. ITV is keeping tight-lipped for now, but we’ve been doing our digging and our inside mole tells us that it will include a senior member of the Women’s Institute – the British bastion of good taste and sensibility – most likely to be Anne Harrison, right, the Vice-Chair of the WI and the Chair of its cookery college, Denman College.

Q. Wow, they’re pulling out the celebratory stops. I can’t wait.  When does it start?
A. Chill your beans, the show isn’t planned to air until early 2013. Mr Cowell will have plenty of celebs up his apron, we’re certain.

Q. Any more on the timings for filming?
A. Funny you should ask – regional heats will take place up to October this year.  According to the entry criteria, there will be two semi-finals (from which two finalists will be chosen) which will be filmed any time from September to December 2012.  The two finalists will then have to compete head-to-head in the Grand Final which is slated for filming between November 2012 and January 2013, “in and around the UK and in London”.

Q. How do I take part?
A. Applications are initially via the ITV website, above.  We know that there’s some initial criteria that’s being used for the regional heats of Food Glorious Food:

  • “The recipe for this dish is original and your own recipe or belongs to a friend or family member who has given you their permission for you to submit the recipe into the competition.”
  • “You can cook one dish from your recipe.”
  • “There is an interesting story behind this recipe.”

Q. Any puns we should be aware of?
A. Oh, but of course, it’s being dubbed the “Eggs Factor”, and of course you can watch it on “Pie-TV”.

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Food Glorious Food will be on ITV1 from February 2013.