San Antonio Chilli soup pot and logo

Here at GLORIOUS! we decided to take a traditional chilli recipe we discovered on our travels and make it into our spicy, vegetarian Texan Four Bean Chilli soup. Our soup is so packed full of ingredients, you’ll barely notice that it’s meat-free!

We know you’ve probably heard of a chilli con carne before but we wanted to make a healthier, less fat, lower calorie soup and for it to be vegetarian-friendly and Gluten Free. The chilli sin carne (sin carne literally means without meat) flavour was born. Don’t worry though, we replaced the meat with 4 different kinds of beans so it is still a ludicrously filling little pot of loveliness with all the protein that you need.

As the steam rises from your bowl and scent of chillies cuts through the air, the careful balance of spices takes you to a prairie under a star-lit sky as you tuck into a good old bowl of Texas Red.

Part of the GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious vegetarian soup range, this soup is a delicious taste of the authentic American South.

Discover our GLORIOUS! Texan Four Bean Chilli soup for yourself and take a vegetarian soup adventure to the foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas…