GLORIOUS! New York Chicken Noodle soup pot

Can a warming bowl of soup actually make us feel better? Here at GLORIOUS! we wanted to find out

Chicken soup for the soul is a well-known adage but can a warming bowl of soup actually make us feel better? Here at GLORIOUS! we wanted to find out so earlier this year we asked the public what they turn to when feeling under the weather and found some very interesting results.

In a nationwide poll, more than half the population (55%) claimed to feel better after eating chicken soup and one in ten (9%) said it was better than drugs such as paracetemol , whilst 28% believe it is at least as effective as over-the-counter medicines.

But is there any science to back up our findings?

Chicken soup has been used for upper respiratory-tract infections as far back as the 12th century but in more recent times there has been some scientific research conducted to look into the link between chicken soup and well-being.

Research from the University of Alabama Health Systems discovered that a cold typically lasts a week to 10 days whether you treat it or not, but there was some medical evidence that chicken soup can help you feel better.

When researchers from Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami tested the effects of chicken soup on the common cold, they found that chicken soup temporarily eased symptoms and, when compared to moist steam alone, increased the speed of mucus through the nose, an important part of the body’s defence in getting rid of cold and flu viruses.

In 2000 scientists at the University of Nebraska studied the effects of chicken soup on the inflammatory response. The research found that chicken soup helps break up congestion and eases the flow of nasal secretions.

Scientific research aside, chicken soup is packed full of fresh ingredients which can help boost the immune system and fight colds.

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