eight soup pots over ocean scene

To us, soup is for year round enjoyment. There is never a bad time to eat soup.

Soup in Summer? To some, that idea seems unthinkable.

“It’s too hot for soup!” They will scoff, whilst barbecuing their food over open flames and smouldering coals. For those cynical few, soup is to be eaten in the heart of a cold and bitter winter while you wear big wooly jumpers and hold your bowl with both hands, hoping it will warm you up.

To us, soup is for year round enjoyment. There is never a bad time to eat soup. Is it raining? Fill up your bowl, find a window and curl up while the raindrops patter against the glass. Is there a typhoon outside? Pick a country from our range of adventure inspired recipes, find some traditional music from said country and turn it right up. Let our blend of authentic spices and recipes take you away from blustery Britain.

But what happens when the sun is shining and the skies are blue?

We have travelled the world, searching for the best dishes around the globe that we could bring back for you to try. During our travels, we have found ourselves in some rather warm climates. Whether it’s the tropical rainforests of Goa or the bustling souks of Morocco, one unifying fact is that people, the world over, love soup.

The reason that these warmer countries love to sit together and have a flavourful bowl of soup is because hot foods help to cool you down. Honest!. The spices in our soups and the heat of your recently warmed bowl of GLORIOUS! soup get the message to your brain that it’s getting a bit humid around here. This makes your body go into overdrive to cool you down. Your body is like a fridge, in that respect.

Here at GLORIOUS! we decided to go in a different direction. We wanted something healthy that would leave you comfortably full. That’s why we invented our SkinnyLicious range. They’re all less than 150 calories, less than 2% fat and full of bold flavours. We have, essentially, invented the soup version of a salad. But an exciting salad which is inspired by foods from around the world, has plenty of complex and interesting flavour and when you’ve finished it, you’re left with a comfortable feeling of gastronomical satisfaction. So, nothing like a salad really…

Take a look at our SkinnyLicious healthy soups, they’re fresh, light and delicious. What’s not to love as the temperatures soar?