Glorious! Adventures Blogger Challenge

We have been searching far and wide for our Official GLORIOUS! Food Adventurer to embark on an unforgettable journey to the vibrant Indian street food capital of Mumbai and report back on their experience in our #GloriousAdventures blogger challenge.

We were seeking the true adventurers. The ones who immerse themselves into the culture of the places they visit from the first step off of the plane. The ones who embrace the experience, witness the sights, dance to the sounds, unearth unforgettable foods and discover hidden treasures off the beaten track.

To enter the competition to win this once in a lifetime trip, we asked UK bloggers to tell us about their greatest food adventures featuring one of our global soup destinations.

Each of our GLORIOUS! soups is inspired by a foodie destination so entrants had the opportunity to choose from a plethora of fabulous places. From Tuscany to Thailand and Morocco to Mexico, there are many incredible areas of the world to focus their piece on.

We have received some fantastic entries and adventurous stories from over 50 bloggers (making it really hard to choose just one winner!). We have virtually travelled all around across globe reading all of the entries and now have a serious case of Wanderlust!

Here are just some of the amazing entries that we have received (in no particular order):

Khrissie Loves

Khrissie told us the tale of her trip of a lifetime to Thailand. From authentic cooking lessons to spending time with the locals, she really explored the treasures of Thailand. Her pictures tell the story of her journey which inspired her to seek out options in the supermarket to take her back to “sitting in the Thai countryside and boating down the Mekong River with nothing but nature to look at…”. Behold! She discovered the GLORIOUS! Thai soups.


My Little Tale

Louise over at My Little Tale, shared her adventure through Bangkok with us; “a sprawling metropolis of some 8 million, a chaotic capital of dust, humidity and tuk-tuk driven traffic made for daredevils”.  She tells the stories of her visits to the floating markets, ancient cities, temples and magical palaces and how our Sunny Thai chicken soup transported her back.

Gluten Free Blogger

Sarah, the Gluten Free Blogger, showed her true adventurous spirit from her recent trip to Mexico. She writes about the flavours she experienced, the “Smoky and fiery like the flames used to cook the tortillas, Mexican flavours are big, bold and beautiful. Tangy salsas of juicy tomatoes and onion with a squeeze of lime and bursts of coriander in your mouth marry up with the warming, comfort of refried beans”. We were also impressed with her trip to one of Mexico’s biggest Cenotes, where she plunged into the dark depths of the underground cavern!


GF Sesh

Loriley from GF Sesh, told us about her Thai travels with her best friend Lauren. They stumbled upon a Thai cooking course on the island of Ko Lanta and stayed with traditional tribes in Chaing Mai. Upon her return, she shared her top tips of how to recreate Thai cooking at home. “The way in which Thai chefs cook is fascinating, and we were lucky enough to be experiencing first hand the way in which their wonderful traditional dishes are created. Taking a Thai cooking course on the island of Ko Lanta, we made a range of dishes first hand, adding spices and throwing ingredients into fiery woks.”


I Don’t Like Peas

Karen from I Don’t Like Peas, showed us a different twist on the #GloriousAdventures brief, sharing her experience of Bombay at a restaurant in Shoreditch, linking our Mumbai Lentil & Chickpea soup to her experience.


The Tester Family

Danielle and her family, transformed their house into a rickshaw journey after tasting our Mumbai Lentil & Chickpea soup: “The rickshaw winds and weaves its way through the streets, and, as we whizz past markets and shops we are wreathed by the infamous woody sweet smell of incense which lingers throughout our journey.”


By Invitation

Simon shared his #GloriousAdventures memories “one pot at a time”. He told us about his adventure to Puerto Vallarta and Sans Blas on the West Coast of Mexico and how our Mexican Tomato & Fire Roasted Pepper transported him back to the authentic food from the street vendors and Mexican cooking experiences.


Victoria Visits

Victoria shared her theatrical Tuscan adventure with us. Her love of the film “Much Ado About Nothing” inspired her to travel to Tuscany where she experienced the rolling hills and an authentic meal at a traditional Tuscan Trattoria.

Mummy Tries

Renee shared her appetite for adventure and her love affair with Thailand, where she met her husband and why she adores our SkinnyLicious Fragrant Thai Carrot soups. “A steaming hot bowl of tom yum is enough to transport me back to those fabulous days!”.



Bruce shared his experience of plates of fried locusts, tumbling piles of brightly coloured chillies and Mole Poblano from his #GloriousAdventures to Mexico. He explained the essence and adventure of Mexican cuisine that has been harvested, cooked and packed in a SkinnyLicious soup made by Glorious! My tomato and pepper soup reflected a complex country in each spoonful”.


The wanderlust doesn’t stop there! Take a look at all of the other fantastic entries we have received:

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Thank you again to all of our wonderful entries, it is really hard to choose but we will be announcing the lucky winner of the blogger challenge on Friday 11th December.

Keep your eyes peeled to see who will become our Official GLORIOUS! Food Adventurer!