Range of vegetarian soups under National Vegetarian week banner

It’s National Vegetarian Week 2015, and we’ve got some delicious meat-free adventures for you to enjoy! Our vegetarian SkinnyLicious soups are all less than 2% fat and under 150 calories per ½ pot, with absolutely no compromise on taste.

Goa Express

A thick tomato & lentil soup to satisfy your hunger, but with only 1.3% fat. Warmed by cumin, chilli and paprika then cooled with low fat yoghurt. It also has a dash of train journeys on the Goa Express past trees full of pink blossoms you can almost reach out and touch.


More Bangalore

This is a rich, yet low in fat, toor daal and chickpea vegan soup mixed with tasty garam masala, curry leaves and sweet mango chutney that takes us back to a morning of blowing on hot coffee in Tiffin rooms and an afternoon of being covered head to toe in a carnival of vibrant colour.


New England in Autumn

A light and smooth soup that doesn’t taste like it has less than 1% fat. Made from roasted butternut squash with a hint of warming cumin, this soup reminds us of happening upon honesty stalls full of autumn harvests and strolling under colourful tree canopies.


Persian Hug

An enchanting tangy roast tomato soup that is only 114 calories per portion. Bursting with eastern spices, a pinch of saffron, mint, staring in awe at Kandovan houses hewn from rocky hills and discovering peaceful gardens amongst bustling bazaars.


San Antonio Fiesta

A hearty chilli sin carne with Black eye beans, Haricot beans, Black Turtle beans, and Red kidney beans. Also carrot, red pepper, basmati rice, a smoky Chipotle chilli paste, a pinch of peering at colourful floats parading past and ending the night shamelessly line-dancing in an old dancehall.


Singapore Fling

A low fat light and fresh, crushed tomato and coconut cream soup with basmati rice and lemongrass. This vegan soup remind us of our own adventures, watching laser light shows from the promenade and sipping famous cocktails, in famous bars.


Sun-Kissed in Sicily

A buono, rustic and zingy pomodoro tomato and balsamic soup that you wouldn’t believe is low fat. Made with roast garlic, fennel, clouds of dancing Starlings at sunset and a splash of watching the surf crash on black volcanic beaches.


Thai Tuk-Tuks and Turmeric 

A beautifully light Thai style vegan carrot soup with only 1.7% fat. Fusing the fragrant flavours of lemongrass, ginger, lime and coriander with the sweetness of carrot, a little coconut, scootering past endless paddy fields and haggling in noisy markets while crazy tuk-tuks zoom past.


Mumbai Madness

A filling, soul-soothing lentil & chickpea soup that’ll give you a little pick-me-up. Mixed with a classic Toor Daal, spinach, a pinch of turmeric, a touch of ginger and a dash of navigating the hustle and bustle of the busy streets whilst deftly dodging the throngs of locals cycling past. This filling pot of adventure may not be a part of our SkinnyLicious range, but it is vegan.


With our GLORIOUS! range of SkinnyLicious vegetarian soups, you can easily enjoy a delightfully delicious bowl full of soup every single day of National Vegetarian Week.