Here at GLORIOUS! We love soup. It’s just brilliant. That’s why we keep searching around the world for so many different soup flavours.

We thought we would share a small bit of the history of a dish that came from humble beginnings and became a meal that can unite people from around the world.

In one form or another, soup has been around since 20,000 B.C. and it’s easy to see why. A handful of ingredients on their own will only feed a handful of people, but if you were to cook them with herbs and spices in water, soup can feed a whole community.

The word soup has loads of different beginnings. It is said to come from either the Middle English word “soupen” which means “to sip”; or it comes from Latin suppa, which is “sopped bread” or bread that is dipped in a broth.

In Paris 1765, a Monsieur Boulanger noticed the popularity of broths, consommes and other meals made up of inexpensive bowls of soup amongst the local people. After a hard day of physical labour people have always loved to eat soup. People called them “restoratifs” which means “something that restores your strength”. He decided to open up a place that would specialise in and serve soups for everyone to enjoy. These became known as “restaurants” and that is why we have soup to thank for the entire restaurant industry. 

In case you were wondering, the difference between a soup and a stew is the intent. When you make a stew, you are giving flavour to the meat, beans or other central ingredients. All of the ingredients contribute to the main bit. In a soup, it's all about the broth. Ingredients and flavours combine to create a delicious liquid elixir which is then called "soup".

Every civilisation around the world has been making some form of soup since cookery first began, and here at GLORIOUS! we are intent on finding each and every recipe to bring home for you to try. So choose your adventure from our range of globally inspired soups and remember, it’s not just soup, it’s bowl of history.