From the spices of the Middle East to the fresh herbs of an Italian summer, every mouthful of our soup sings a harmonious symphony of flavour. And all of this musical adventure can be experienced on a rainy Tuesday lunchtime with a bowl of GLORIOUS!

From New England to Vietnam...

Take our New England soup. Butternut squash marries sumptuously with nutmeg and single cream.

Or lemongrass pairing perfectly with quinoa and peas in our Vietnamese Supergreen.

The songs that each soup sings echo around the world.

GLORIOUS! New England Butternut Squash soup photograph with bowl of soup
Spice market

Authentic spices make our soups GLORIOUS!

The most important instrument in our culinary orchestra is our authentic spices. We found key flavours for each and every soup on our travels around the world; and on this quest, we had been following in the footsteps of kings, conquerors and explorers for thousands of years.

Spices, and the spice trade, have been the backbone of civilisation for as long as people can remember. They have driven people to war, brought countries together, healed the sick and inspired words of poetry.

Spices have been a prevailing treasure throughout history

Black pepper, one of the most used spices across the globe, was once worth more than it’s weight in gold. Nutmeg and cinnamon were once traded as currency.

Much of this reverence has been lost to time. As we have explored more and more of the face of the Earth, as well as finding quicker and easier ways to do it, we can be found guilty of taking the spices we cook with for granted.

Bowl of Garam Masala
GLORIOUS! Mumbai Lentil & Chickpea soup on background of Mumbai coast

Picture your own spice collection at home...

There was a time when to host this arsenal of spices you’d have to sail the seven seas, swashbuckle with pirates on the high tides and trade in gold and rubies for even the smallest amount.

So, next time you sit down to enjoy the nutmeg in our New England Butternut Squash soup or revel in the mixture of spices in our Mumbai Lentil & Chickpea soup, just remember, they’ve come a long way to make it to your bowl.