Take a look out of your window. It seems so cold and drizzly. The sunny days of summer are a distant memory. It’s officially autumn... and guess what? We couldn’t be more excited! This is soup season!

Even as the nights get longer and darker, a GLORIOUS! bowl of vivacious, colourful and exuberant soup can help you see the joy in autumn and how much fun you could be having. The pathways are adorned with crimson and ochre leaves and puddles are a reason to put your wellies on and splash around with reckless abandon!

This is a GLORIOUS! time to be alive! Put on your favourite jumper, ignore the dreary weather outside and bask in the warming effects of a warm bowl of GLORIOUS! fresh soup.

There are many factors which all come together to make soup the greatest food to eat in the autumn months:

  1. Soup can be an array of flavours. Soup is a limitless experience, just adding a pinch of something and a dash of another can create a whole new experience. There are 13 soups in our GLORIOUS! range, each inspired by travels around the world and every single one is a brand new adventure.

  2. Our soups are easy. Even though making your own soup can be a simple task, here at GLORIOUS! we understand that it’s sometimes not simple enough. If the rain is lashing at your window and the wind is tormenting the hedges, you want soup and you want it now. Our handy pots mean that you only need to take the lid off, pour it in a pan or place the pot in the microwave and (in a few minutes) you’re ready.

  3. Soup is your perfect “me” time. Unlike a sandwich or a quick plate of food, a bowl of soup is your chance to slow it all down, take your time and really enjoy your meal. You can’t wolf down a proper bowl of soup because everyone knows, if you eat it too soon you’ll burn your tongue and ruin the rest of your meal.

  4. Every spoonful is a different route to an adventurous destination. You can’t fit every ingredient on the spoon at one time, so sometimes you may get a little bit more of one delicious ingredient and on the next, the ratios may shift. This is just like a good adventure. You don’t take the same path every time, but you can always arrive where you need to be, in this case, it’s comfortably satisfied with an empty bowl in front of you.

  5. There are two portions in every GLORIOUS! pot of fresh soup. This means that you can enjoy all of the brilliant reasons to have soup twice or share with someone special!

So take this lunch break or evening meal, maybe even breakfast if you’re feeling adventurous, and enjoy a GLORIOUS! bowl of satisfaction. It’s your time to ponder on your day as each spoonful warms its way down your body and you feel a little tickle on the back of your neck.

We just realised we’re wasting valuable soup eating time listing all of the reasons why Autumn is the soup eating season, so if you will excuse us, our soup is bubbling away!