The Big Feastival

Let’s face it – whether you’re catching up with friends or enjoying a work party, December is often a month full of indulgence. We asked our GLORIOUS! social media family to give us their top tips for avoiding overdoing it during this season.

We received lots of helpful advice which, along with some of our own points, we have collated into these 12 GLORIOUS! Festive Tips.


1.      Indulge Mindfully -  It pays to be mindful about what you’re eating to stay healthy and energized.

Being mindful means focusing in on the flavours, texture, smell, and all the things you love about your indulgence. Research has shown that when we choose to be mindful even a little bit of something naughty can go a long way.


2. Pace Yourself, and think carefully about how much you consume. By all means indulge ON THE DAY - but just be committed to burning off the calories: Swimming / Country Walks / Running - whatever your sport!! Or if you're not a devil and try something new, asking buddies for help!

Casper Gorniok


3. Squeeze some time in for some exercise routines throughout the days !! You won't feel too bad when you do have some little treats.

Levi Victoria


4.  Take A Deep Breath – Ready, steady, eat!

With tables full of plates brimming with your favourite treats, it is common to become overwhelmed by temptation. But try to take a moment to breathe before grabbing all your favourites at once. Focus on your breath and try to re-centre yourself. Taking a minute to reconnect can help keep you from overindulging and consequently, indulgence regret.


5. Always take time for yourself each day, whether it be stopping for a cup of tea or having a relaxing bath. Remember, Christmas is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone so don't stress, even if things go wrong - just smile and enjoy it!

Sarahann Tonner


6.  Eat before you go - Avoid skipping meals to indulge in upcoming holiday meals.

Research shows that when we skip meals, we tend to eat more overall.  So eat before you go, and on the days when you want something lighter, don’t compromise on flavour, dive into one of our delicious SkinnyLicious soups.


7. Always make sure there are yummy healthy options to eat - otherwise it's too easy to snack on chocolate! 

Sue Hodges


8. Resist the buffets! Eat sensibly before you go out so you’re not tempted and go find a park and keep up the exercise!

Anne Eames


9.  Less is more - Just because it’s a holiday, it doesn’t mean that portions don’t exist

Portions are the same at holiday events as they are any other day of the week. Load up on veggies and lighten up the other areas of your plate. Protein is what fills us up fastest -  so start there.


10. Eat little and often and get out for some lovely winter walks!

Jo Bohm


11. Buy SkinnyLicious soups instead of making soup to save time and effort

Ann Stimson


 And finally – Our favorite tip of all from Facebook Friend and winner of the entire #SkinnyLicious soups range...


12. My tip is 1 day on, 1 day off. So one day of shopping, cooking, decorating, writing cards, wrapping, seeing friends and family and then one day in bed watching Christmas films! Perfect.

Caroline Chalk


Congratulations to everyone whose tip has made it into our guide. You will all get a GLORIOUS! voucher so you can start your New Year in GLORIOUS! Style. If you have been featured, then send us a direct message on social media to let us know where to send your prize.

It is Christmas so above all  relax, unwind and stay healthy and happy over the impending holiday period.