SkinnyLicious Soups

GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious soup. Exciting, delicious and low-fat recipes, unearthed from our adventures around the world. All of our SkinnyLicious recipes are under 150 calories per portion and packed full of flavours & delicious ingredients. GLORIOUS! range of skinny soups are your convenient healthy lunch choice when you want to eat well, but don’t want to have to sacrifice taste in order to do so. Each and every pot of fresh soup is inspired by authentic flavours & ingredients from around the world. Which means that you can enjoy a soup adventure whenever and wherever you are.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring
with GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious soups...

SkinnyLicious healthy soups are perfect for your diet or healthy eating plan. With fewer than 150 calories in every portion, they are the ideal lunch option to keep you on track.