Five Vegan Soups for a Healthy, Filling Lunch Hour

Being vegan – or at least cutting back your meat and dairy intake – now seems to be the norm for us Brits

According to the the Vegan Society there were three and a half times as many vegans in 2016 as there were in 2006. With this in mind, it’s hardly a surprise the availability of simple and delicious vegan lunch options is on the rise – and GLORIOUS! Soups is leading the pack.

GLORIOUS! has no less than five super healthy vegan soup options, all of which are packed with essential nutrients and are filling enough to power you through your day:

1. Brazilian Super Grain Super Soup

This zingy soup is bursting with Brazilian flavours and textures. It contains protein-rich quinoa, fibre-packed red lentils as well as millet and rice which are great for helping muscles repair post-exercise.  It’s also gluten-free and contains two of your five-a-day per portion with its delicious combination of onion, tomato, red pepper, carrot and butternut squash. The secret to the ‘zing’ is in the turmeric, lime juice, ginger, garlic and curry powder. It’s a soup that makes you want to get up and dance the salsa!

2. Indian Super Spinach and Chickpea Super Soup

This warming soup packs an Indian flavour punch with its delicious blend of spices. It contains turmeric, which has emerged as the superfood of the moment with its anti-inflammatory properties. The fibre-rich chickpeas and lentils in this soup keep your energy levels high and allow you to keep your concentration throughout the day – brilliant for boosting your productivity levels. One portion provides you with one of your five-a-day and it’s also gluten free.

3. Singapore Crushed Tomato SkinnyLicious Soup

Perfect for the summer months when you want something a little lighter for lunch, this Singapore crushed tomato soup is low in fat but doesn’t compromise on flavour. The fresh crushed tomato in this soup pairs beautifully with basmati rice to keep you full through your working day. The combination of coconut cream, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, lime leaves, chilli and galangal really gives it that South Asian zing.

4. Fragrant Thai Carrot Skinnylicious Soup

With just 1.7% fat per 100g this is another Skinnylicious vegan soup that will fill you up at lunchtime whilst keeping you slim. The delicious combination of carrot, ginger, lime and coriander will give a flavour injection to your lunch hour. Carrot contains Vitamin A is especially important for eye health so there is something in the old saying “carrots help you see in the dark!”

5. Bangalore Lentil Daal Skinnylicious Soup

Here’s another Indian-inspired vegan GLORIOUS! Soup to pep up your lunch hour! This rich, yet low fat, toor daal and chickpea soup is mixed with tasty garam masala and curry leaves and is given a sweet edge with the addition of delicious mango chutney. It also contains iron-rich spinach, tomato, cauliflower and carrot giving all contributing to give you one of your crucial five-a-day.

Claire Roper, GLORIOUS! brand and category innovation manager, said: “GLORIOUS! Soups’ range of healthy and nutritious vegan soups was developed with that all-important lunch hour in mind. Whilst the evidence shows people want to cut back on their meat and dairy intake more now than ever before, they also want to ensure their lunch is as filling, nutritious and tasty as possible.

“According to a recent study by GLORIOUS! Soups, two-thirds of women (68%) think the term ‘comfort food’ has negative connotations and over half (55%) said it makes them feel sluggish. But thanks to this range of vegan soups, you can indulge in delicious comfort food that is packed with vitamins and minerals, low in salt and sugar – and meat and dairy free.”

GLORIOUS! Soups’ range of vegan soups is available in 600g pots at Asda, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with a RRP from £2.