4 reasons why street food is so hot right now

Here at Glorious HQ, we love to keep up with the latest food trends to make sure that we fill our pots with soup that is not only tasty, but also something deliciously bold and adventurous.

Street food is one trend that has exploded onto the scene in recent years – and foodies are behind its meteoric rise. According to stats from The Grocer, nearly a third of self-described foodies say they often buy street food, compared with just 5% of non-foodies. These food lovers were also more likely to describe street food as exciting (80%), authentic (78%) and high quality (72%).

Here are four reasons why we think street food is so hot right now:

1. Millennials love to explore new places and foods

Earlier this year GLORIOUS! conducted a survey of 2,000 Brits which found a clear age split when it comes to how adventurous we are with food. Just under four in ten (37%) of those aged over 55 said they want to try new bold foods and flavours, whereas seven in ten Millennials (16 to 34 year olds) want to try out new foods (71%). The rise of the ‘gap year’, where young people take some time out after school, university or even work to travel the world, has undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of street food today and is propelling Millennials to want to try new flavours and cuisines when they’re back at home.

2. Street food is ‘Instagrammable’

According to statistics from Instagram, the hashtag #streetfood has been in 5.2million posts. The truth is many people love nothing more than to capture a lovely top down shot of what they’re eating and then post it to their grid for all their followers to see. The beauty of capturing street food and adding it to your Instagram grid is that it shows your followers that you’re adventurous with food and flavours. Our poll earlier this year showed one in eight 16 to 24 year olds (13%) want to try bold and adventurous foods so that they can boast about it on social media!

3. It’s generally quite inexpensive

Another reason why street food has taken off is because it provides a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy a hearty and delicious meal. Street Food markets, like KERB in London and at shopping centres like Trinity Kitchen in Leeds, provide shoppers and passersby with convenient lunch or dinner options that won’t break the bank. The beauty of it is, if you’re in a large group and you all have different tastes, you can each choose from a different food truck and then sit down together to enjoy your meal. You can even try each other’s food if you dare to share!

4. Food brands are getting on board

The good news is foodies don’t even have to go to a food truck or market to get hold of delicious street food these days; you can now find it on the supermarket shelves. GLORIOUS! has become the UK’s first soup brand to release three Street Food soups inspired by the vibrant food markets of the Middle East and South East Asia.

The three new soup flavours are; Chicken Laksa, inspired by the piping hot street food served in the streets of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Southern Thailand, Sweet Potato Thai Massaman and Middle Eastern Spiced Tomato Soup, which is inspired by the popular Turkish breakfast dish, Shakshuka. Exclusive to Sainsbury’s, grab yourself a pot today and let us know what you think!